Novel Writing Course Online Review

Online Writing Course Review

Everyone has read the stories about John Grisham and Frederick Forsyth, two authors who wrote best sellers with their first novel. Enthusiastic writers point out that Grisham had no formal training and just wrote by the seat of his pants, without any form of novel writing course online to help him! Forsyth, on the hand, wrote his novel ‘Day of the Jackal‘ in 30 days and we all know the rest of the story. Here’s the rub folks – it ain’t going to happen! The market for new novels in all genres is incredibly crowded today, and a new author […]

Online Novel Writing Course Review – Simon Van Booy TED Talk

I love this Ted talk by author┬áSimon Van Booy for a couple of reasons. First, although he knows that all novels need a definite structure, but a good story can’t depend on any template or formula. It comes from the heart. Most online novel writing course reviews focus heavily on the formulaic approach to writing novels, so this is refreshing. Second, Simon gives six steps to writing a short story novel. You can guess some of them, such as: get yourself a space of your own to create fiction, have a set time for writing, don’t be disturbed, etc. What […]