How To Sell A Script To Hollywood – Producer’s Perspective

How to sell a Script to Hollywood

Let’s cut to the chase – as long as movies are made, producers will need fresh original stories. You’ve got an idea for a movie. In this video I’m going to explain exactly what you need to do to sell it. Since we rarely ever see the screenwriter, or read the scripts of the movies we watch, there tends to be this unnecessary mystery surrounding that aspect of the film industry. Where movie ideas come from, or how screenplays are chosen, or how to get your idea through the door and it’s led to a lot of confusion and misunderstanding […]

How To Sell Your Screenplay Without An Agent

How To Sell A Screenplay Without An Agent - featured image

Do you have a completed and polished Hollywood screenplay but no idea how to get it into the right hands? Let’s talk about all the different ways that you can market your screenplay. So the first way is kind of not really in vogue anymore. This is kind of the old days and that is a query letter or a query email. This is where you would solicit a production company, or an agent or manager, and basically just ask them to read your screenplay. You need to learn how to sell your screenplay without an agent – don’t make […]

Where To Sell A Screenplay

Where to sell a screenplay information

Hi, its screenwriter Philip Hardy and today I want to talk about websites that allow you to pitch your feature screenplays and your pilots, and I don’t mean the guys that fly air-planes. To relive, industry people, some of them allow you to do written pitches. Others have more sophisticated means of doing those and you would think with all the people that are out there writing spec screenplays, un-produced and aspiring writers that are out, there trying to sell the that script and make the next tent pole picture, there would be more of these sites. Because it’s a […]