How to write a novel story for beginners

All You Need To Begin The Book You Always Wanted To Write

Everyone has an idea for a great novel or movie inside, and one wag has said that for most people, that’s where it should stay. It needn’t be like that.

How to plot a romance novel adviceThe process of taking your story idea from and creating a complete novel or film script is not an easy venture. All writing has rules – even if you plan to break them, you need to know them in the first place.

As well as competent writing skills, you also need to know how to develop a story (called the Story Arc) in such a way that your readers can’t help but turn those pages. Writing is first and foremost a craft that can be learned, and that’s where this Creative Writing Bundle comes in.

This 5 course bundle covers the essentials of prose, novel, movie writing, character development and the planning steps crucial to success. The courses are structured to sharpen your literary skills, and enhance you inner creativity.

You might think your prose is pretty good (prose is the everyday kind of language used in story-telling, not poetry, for example), but this course how to avoid the simplest errors that separate the amateurs from the professionals.

How about clichés? We all use them every day, but they don’t belong on your pages. You’ll learn how to root them out and replace them with fresh and vibrant alternatives.

Short story structure pdf infoA page-turner begins with excellent basic skills and this bundle of course delivers these and more.

Although these courses are perfect for beginners you’ll quickly dive into the nuts and bolts of novel writing and also screenwriting. Writing movie scripts is a natural extension to story-writing and many writers are active in both formats. A story is a story whatever the media.

These comprehensive courses are designed to smooth the way, ensuring that your story develops correctly at the right pace. You’ll learn how to structure, edit and re-write your story elements in such a way that your readers will always want to know what happens next.

The courses cover:

  • planning
  • creating characters
  • prose
  • grammar
  • story arcs
  • plotting

… and much more!

You can get this five-course creative writing course bundle for just $15 (that’s just 3 dollars a course). Normal price is over $800 so it’s heck of  a deal, for a very limited time, I suspect.

The courses do a great job in beginning a novel or movie script (always the worst part) but also shows the basics of some important points that help to bring characters to life – without great, believable characters there is no story.

It’s the combination of story, plotting and characters that ensure a compelling tale. Complete beginners can learn these essential creative writing skills in one place with this Creative Writing Bundle – learn more here.

The 5 courses cover:

  • Creative Writing for Beginners – The Essentials Of Prose
  • How to Write a Novel – The Elements of Plotting, Story, Setting and Characters
  • How to Create Fictional Characters – The Theory of Character Arcs and Character Types
  • How to Plan a Movie Script – Leaves The Student With A Planning Template
  • How to Write a Movie Script – From Screenwriting Formatting To Submission

It doesn’t end there – there are oodles of tips about self-editing, publishing and submission techniques, both for novel writing and movie scripts.

There are 90 lessons all together, all laser focused on improving your writing skills. It’s probably the best deal on the internet.

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