Short Story Structure & Planning

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Once upon a time there was a …. a … yeah! So you have to write a short story but you don’t know what to do, where do you start. Well, the simplest place to start for a short story would be understanding its structure. Think of it as something a little bit like this. From start to end, you’re always rising until you come to your conclusion. The way your short story should start is with your exposition. This is when you’re introducing your story. Then your rising action. As the tension rises, so does your action, until you […]

The 8 Point Story Arc Template

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The Eight point Story Arc Template For Planning Your Novel From a reader’s point of view, a good story grips and doesn’t let go. We follow the hero or heroine doggedly, if we can relate to them and like them. We care about what happens to them and how the story ends. that’s why we keep turning the pages. However, this doesn’t happen by chance. The best stories follow a plan called the 8 point story arc. Everything in the Universe has a balanced structure, whether it’s man-made or naturally occurring. Why should a fiction novel or short story be […]

How To Write Conflict – Creative Writing Basics

Conflict Definition In Novels

Writing a novel or story that works means including some essential ingredients. From a reader’s point of view (which is the only POV that should interest us!) conflicts between characters , and how they are resolved, is the energy that keeps them turning the pages. Is that a good thing? You bet – it’s why we write! An author must take the characters he’s painstakingly created with loving care, and introduce turmoil of varying severity into their fictitious lives. How to write conflict, that is, creating, sustaining and resolving the events causing it, is a vital skill to develop when telling […]

Story Arc Definition – The Beginning, Middle & End

In the beginning of story there was normal life. Before we get to the meat and potatoes of outlining our novel structure, you need to be sure of the purpose of each part of the story line. Successful storytelling should have a beginning, middle and end, where the author presents the natural flow of the plot. In the broadest terms, story arc definition can be represented as 3 acts, an idea first postulated by Aristotle and the same principles apply to plays, novels or movies. Beginning The Story This is where the scene is set and the foundation laid for […]