Tips On How To Write A Novel The Right Way

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Greetings. My name is Carol Denbow and I’m the author of six books, including ‘A Book Inside, How to Write, Publish, and Sell Your Story’. I’m also the editor of more than 10 websites online to help first-time and seasoned authors write and publish and market their books… I’m not a publisher and I’m not here to sell you anything. I’m just simply here to help you keep your writing goals. Okay, so whether you’re writing a book for your personal use, for family and friends, or a book for resale, I try to help you get started. Today, my […]

How To Outline Novel Elements

How to outline novel

Now I know some of you out there are saying ‘ha! … I don’t do outlines’ and you know what? Fair enough but I am a huge believer in outlines and I’m the type of writer that can’t function without one. Here’s what I’ve realised. There are so many different ways you can outline and just because something works for one book it doesn’t necessarily mean that that’s going to be your go-to for future books. Here are the five different methods that you can try when outlining your novel. Number one – the Snowflake Method Number two – the […]

How To Write Dialogue In A Story

How to write dialogue in a story

The are two things to learn about dialogue: How to format correctly and how to make it matter to the reader. Beginners need to learn how to write dialogue in a story taking both into account. The mechanics of formatting are quite easy, and there are many free resources available to help guide us navigate the various rules. Of course, there are differences between countries, but once these are taken into account, writing dialogue with punctuation in the right place quickly becomes second nature. How to write good dialogue which drives the story forward and pleases the reader is a […]

Writing A Book For The First Time

Writing a book for the first time - beginner's tips

When new authors consider writing a book for the first time there are a couple of options open to them. They can join that elite group of people known as Pantsers, who just dive in and get writing, or they can plan what they’re going to do before they start writing their masterpiece. Don’t get me wrong – Pantsers do exist. Among their ranks are authors like Frederick Forsyth, who wrote ‘Day Of The Jackal’ in just 35 days and pushed it into the all-time best-seller ranks for years to come. It’s rumoured that John Grisham wrote his first novel […]

I Want To Write A Book. Where Do I Start?

I Want To Write A Book Where Do I Start - Tips

Everyone has, at one time or another, thought about writing a book – it’s quite common. If you do want to write the book that’s waiting inside you, where do you start? This blog is about this exact process. It’s very tempting to just start at the beginning, get writing and ‘let it flow’, but this generally isn’t the best idea. Inspiration is for amateurs: professionals just get to work! Always remember that writing is a craft which can be learned in a structured way. If you wait for inspiration, or that ‘great idea’ before you start writing your novel, […]

How To Create Characters For A Novel – How To Write A Character Analysis

Hi, I’m Rebecca Balcarcel. I can help you write a character analysis. First you need to choose which character your gonna analyze. I suggest you choose a character who changes. If you have to write about FINDING NEMO, the Walt Disney story, you might be tempted to choose Nemo, because, after all, the title has his name in it. He must be the main character. But really, the character who changes the most and who really goes on a journey is the father, Marlin. So he’s the character best suited for a character analysis. So number one: Choose a character […]

Tips On Writing A Novel For The First Time – Beginner’s Tips

Writing a novel for beginners is a daunting task. In addition to the creative aspect, novel structure and style have to be learned or developed. Tips on writing a novel for the first time naturally come from professional authors who have gone through the process many times in the past. Experienced authors know that there’s much more to it than sitting down with a blank page and somehow miraculously creating a masterpiece. In fact, that’s one of the tips given below. one author NEVER sits down with a blank page. He always carries a notebook full of ideas to develop. […]

Online Novel Writing Course Review – Simon Van Booy TED Talk

I love this Ted talk by author┬áSimon Van Booy for a couple of reasons. First, although he knows that all novels need a definite structure, but a good story can’t depend on any template or formula. It comes from the heart. Most online novel writing course reviews focus heavily on the formulaic approach to writing novels, so this is refreshing. Second, Simon gives six steps to writing a short story novel. You can guess some of them, such as: get yourself a space of your own to create fiction, have a set time for writing, don’t be disturbed, etc. What […]

What Is The Setting In A Novel? Definition & Examples

When a new author decides to write a novel, he or she tackles it in various ways.┬áThe enthusiastic but inexperienced newbie has a general idea of his story, which is often the beginning and the ending, and the rest is a bit fuzzy. Someone who has taken the time to educate themselves quickly sees that planning is massively important. The basics are the foundations for a successful book. Questions such as ‘What is the setting in a novel?’ will reap their own benefits. The novel setting, along with the theme, genre, plot and characters are the backbone of the story […]