What Is The Theme Of A Novel? The Big Idea!

The theme of a story or book is the big idea that flows underneath and throughout the novel’s plot. If the ups and downs of the plot events represents the surface of the sea, then the theme is the undercurrent – unseen, but strong. It needn’t be in the form of a simplistic ‘moral of the tale’, but it can be, if the author so wishes, which brings us to the heart of the matter. The story’s theme is the message the writer wants to get across to his readers. The action, dialogue and plot are the devices he uses to communicate his big idea. Theme Definition The message isn’t necessary in the form of a lecture from on-high and is mostly best if not delivered in this way. Theme is a broad concept that is prevalent in all our human lives, engaging attention and presenting people with common difficulties or situations which demands they make choices. A novel’s theme may not be simply one thing, but a compound structure including a combination of purer ideas, such as love, money, friendship, power to name a few, and with an almost limitless number of possible permutations. Examples Of Book Themes – List Common Book Themes A good start might be to list some common and typical book themes. The list below is by no means exhaustive, as they say: Love War Brotherly Love Patriotism Spirituality Religion Poverty Wealth Individual vs Society Politics Honesty Integrity Survival Exploration Time As you can see, themes can be very diverse and it’s easy to see how two or more could be combined in one story. A good example if the power of love, both romantic and brotherly, in wartime. The part of the theme relating to military combat might focus on the futility and barbarity of war, or patriotism. it depends entirely on what the author wants to say to the reader. Again, we come back to the truism that it’s all in the hands of the creator of the novel – the author must decided exactly what it is he wants to say, which is sometimes snot as easy as it sounds. This also begs the question: Which comes first, theme or setting when planning to write a novel? Creative Writing Themes Let me explain: At first glance a story with a theme of romantic love could feasibly be written in any number of […]