Third Person Point View Definition (HINT: There’s More Than One!)

Third person point view is by far the most common form of narration for new and seasoned authors alike. Take down anyone hundred books of fiction from your shelves – I’m sure you have that many! About eighty-five will be written from this perspective, nineteen from the first person and perhaps one or two using the second person POV, if you’re lucky! Third person narrative isn’t very intimate for the reader, but it does give the author enormous power, depending on the type used. How To Know When The Third Person Point View Is Being used You can recognize it […]

First Person Point View – Why Use The First Person Perspective?

Point of view in a novel is an indication of who is telling the story. A story has to be told by someone who is a character or an observer who isn’t involved in the plot at all, a bit like the proverbial fly on the wall. In first person point view the narrator is someone in the story and he’s telling the reader about events from his point of view – he’s the ‘first person’ we are referring to. The reader can recognise this POV by the use of ‘I’ or ‘We’. The narrator could be the main character […]

Second Person Point View – Examples & Definition

Using the second person perspective in fiction isn’t that common, but it does happen, to various degrees of success. The most commonly used probably third person, and then the first. One of the reason for this is the second person point view is damn tricky to get right! It’s suited to professional and instructive documents, and for certain types of novel. You know it’s being used when the narrator uses words like ‘you’, ‘your’ and ‘you’re’. It’s a little limited in scope because of the view point – it’s as though the reader is experiencing what’s going on at firsthand. If […]

Narrative Writing Definition – Narrative Point of View

Narrative is essential in telling your story, because basically, it IS your story! OK, maybe that’s a bit strong – it’s more the way a story is told. A basic narrative writing definition goes like this; It’s any type of writing that tells a story in a chronological sequence of related events. Whenever a story is written or told, it is from a particular point of view, which means ‘Who is narrating the story?’ Narrative writing point of view examples will be given later on in the article, as they tend to drive the concept home more efficiently than dry […]