How To Write A Short Film Script – Tips

How To Write A Short Movie Script Fast

I posted two videos for this post, presenting ideas from two different kinds of movie professionals. The first delivers 10 tips for writing a short film script based on a budget of ‘zero’, or at least, very little. Mark Hertzler makes some very good points, the biggest one being the fact that, if you are the writer AND film-maker, then what you write is directly affected by your resources. Basically, you try to make do with whatever you have at hand and really cut down on the expenses. It sounds a bit lame, but some of the best award-winning short movies […]

How To Write A Script For A Short Film – Screenplay Tips

How to write a script for a short film template

Like many novel writers, I often find myself thinking in terms of moving images. I visualise my story and play a short movie in my head – so why not write the story in the form of a short film instead? The format isn’t like writing a novel. Show, not tell is obviously more important, and there are also certain formatting rules that have to be strictly followed. After deciding to outline a screenplay for an idea I had for a short movie, I researched the internet for ‘how to’ articles and videos about writing movie scripts. Normally, I go […]

Script Writing Course – Screenwriting Classes

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After successfully writing, editing and publishing a novel, I decided to delve more into the structure and process of movie script writing. Like many people, Youtube was my first stop, before considering signing up to a script writing course. Although there are some gems (like the video embedded below), it has to be said that the 80-20 rules comes into full force here, except that it’s more like the 90-10 rule. Basically, this means that about 90% of the free screenplay writing tips you find are below average. They simply regurgitate the rules presented y such luminaries as Michael Hauge, […]

How To Write A Movie Script Fast – Script Writing Course

how to write a movie fast

When beginning to write, most people want to write stories, either in the form of a short story or a novel. Many of us naturally visualise the stories we write – basically we run a movie in our minds. It makes complete sense to write a great story as a screenplay. Again, most enthusiastic new writers are in a hurry and want to know how to write a movie fast! Without a doubt, speed isn’t the only criterion. Writing screenplays that sell are really what it’s all about. How to combine the two, that’s the question. The two videos below […]

How To Write A Screenplay For A Movie

How To Write A Screenplay For A Movie

Video Transcript: How To Write A Screenplay For Beginners Film Courage: What is the first step in writing a screenplay? Richard Walter: Getting your butt in the chair and hands on the keys and seeing where it goes. I believe you have to have an outline, but then you have to throw away that outline. It will take paths that are surprises to the artist that created it. I’ve never known anyone who wasn’t surprised by lines of dialogue that characters seem to invent by themselves, twists and turns in the story. I remember asking Neil Simon “Do you laugh […]

How Do You Write A Movie Script?

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How do you write a screenplay outline? The 3 Act Structure Okay, so we have Act 1, Act 2, Act 3. This is your basic story formula. So what happens in Act 1 that makes it different from 2 and 3? Here’s how it works. You have a formula, let’s say it is a boy meets a girl. And in Act 1 that’s what we’re going to describe. The meeting, what happens to them, who they are and that information. In Act 2 you’re going to have boy loses girl. And here in Act 2 you are going to describe […]

How To Pitch A Movie Idea

Where to pitch a movie idea

Several prominent script writers say that before even starting to write your script, you should create your log-line? What’s that? Just one or two sentences that describe your movie script. This is the first step in learning how to pitch a movie idea. The initial query letter that a script writer normally send to an agent or film company is very short, normally just one page. It’s purpose is to hook the reader, whoever it is. It should be quite informal, but extremely well thought out, delivering all the important information about your screenplay. The idea is explored further in […]

The Three Act Structure For Novels And Movies

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Good morning. I’m Chris Fox. Welcome to the third video in the outline a novel series. Today we’re going to be discussing the three-act structure and how you can apply it to your outlining. So if you’ve watched the first two videos you know that it’s probably not the best idea to start with an outline. We begin with the premise and then we fleshed out some plot and some character arcs, a pretty good idea of who the cast of characters are in our story and sort of what they need to achieve. Now we’re going to apply a […]