How To Edit A Book For Publishing – Self Editing Tips

the self-editing process for novels

This post is going to be in two parts and is all about how to edit a book for publishing. It’s easy to think that after finishing your first draft the hard work is done – I’m afraid not! The editing process takes up a large amount of time for a reason – without it, your manuscript has flaws you are not aware of! The first video takes a look at how to self-edit your manuscript before sending it to your beta readers, which is in itself a vital step. The viewpoint of an outsider is how you find those plot holes and nonsense chapters that just don’t flow. The second video is short and briefly explains the process a professional copy editor goes through when he or she receives a manuscript. Whether you self-edit you novel or pay for a pro, the process of editing cannot be avoided, and should be welcomed as the way in which you will get your book published. How To Edit A Book For Publishing PDF Video Transcript: Self Editing You Own Novel Manuscript – 5 Tips Hello everybody. My name is Natalia Lee and I’m the author of the young adult novels ‘Hi Board’ and ‘Wave Spears’. Today I’m going to be giving you my top five tips for editing your novel. Let’s get started. So if you are editing your novel, that means that you have already finished your manuscript. Not everybody edits in this way, but I certainly do. I have to wait until I have completely finished a manuscript before I start editing. It’s one thing to perhaps read back over the work that you wrote the day before and just clean it up a little bit, but I don’t consider that editing. How to edit a book for publishing Editing, for me, means that I am making large-scale changes to my novel in order to fill in plot holes, make it read better, and correct character inconsistencies. I certainly will look back at the work that I did a day or two before, and if I find a misspelling, or maybe something that reads a bit awkwardly, I will definitely clean that up, but again that is not what I consider to be editing. So if you are ready for editing, that probably means that you already have the first draft of your novel complete. And my five tips […]