Formula For Writing A Crime Novel – John Grisham Talks

How To Write A Crime Fiction Story? Get Advice From The Master! Grisham is one of those not-so-rare birds who don’t have any writer’s training, but write a first book that immediately sets him up as the best writer of courtroom drama in the business. The first thing we authors want to know is how to start writing a crime novel and get some success? Crime novel structure doesn’t have a template of it’s own. That’s to say, an author doesn’t write in a particular way, just because of the genre. The same rules of conflict, plot, and suspense still hold true. As in any genre, the writer MUST hold the reader, and John Grisham does that so well. In the video below (transcript supplied), he gives some tips for writing a crime novel, but they’re not Universal by any means – just what works for him. Here’s the interview: How To Write A Good Crime Story, John Grisham Style John Grisham has transformed his experience in Criminal Court to one of the nation’s most successful careers in fiction. His novel, The Firm, tops the New York Times paperback bestseller list. His new novel the, Pelican Brief, holds the number one slot on the hardcover list. Both are Hollywood Sun, Hollywood shortlist as well but Grisham still prefers to spend his time down on the farm in Oxford Mississippi, which shows that he’s one smart guy. Welcome. Glad to be here. It’s a pleasure to have you. You have a law degree, so what’s wrong with practicing law? Why did you feel like you had to go write a novel? Well I wrote the first two novels. A Time to Kill is my first book, The Firm is my second and I wrote the Pelican brief. Yes, I wrote the first two books over a five-year period when I was practicing law, and I didn’t know I was gonna make a career change. I didn’t know I was gonna, you know, become a best-selling author. It’s almost not an accident but I didn’t plan it and after things got kind of crazy with the firm and we sold the movie rights and we had a hardback deal and I was paperback deal and foreign rights and all this I said forget the law. I got up one day and walked out. You sold the office equipment? I gave it to […]