How To Write Characters For Creative Fiction

Writing characters

Effective character development is not absolutely essential. If you read Greek mythology, those characters are minimally developed. We hardly know anything about them they. Don’t stand out as individuals. Someone can create a great story without working too much on exactly who their characters are and make them resemble as much as they can, real life, breathing, walking human beings. But there is a great percentage of a potential audience that is interested in what is called three-dimensional characters. So there is a character that is described as flat, or there is a character that is described as three-dimensional, and […]

How To Write Dialogue Between Two Characters

How to write dialogue

Page Contents How To Write Dialogue Between Two Characters What Is Dialogue Between Two Characters? How To Write Dialogue Between Two Characters Example How To Write Good Dialogue Between Two Characters How To Make A Dialogue Between Two Characters On the face of it, dialogue is pretty easy. It’s just the way characters talk to each other in a novel or movie. Pop the text in between quote marks using the correct punctuation and you’re done! Actually, it’s much more complex than that. Learning how to write dialogue between two characters is absolutely crucial to the success of your book […]

How To Create Characters For A Novel – How To Write A Character Analysis

Hi, I’m Rebecca Balcarcel. I can help you write a character analysis. First you need to choose which character your gonna analyze. I suggest you choose a character who changes. If you have to write about FINDING NEMO, the Walt Disney story, you might be tempted to choose Nemo, because, after all, the title has his name in it. He must be the main character. But really, the character who changes the most and who really goes on a journey is the father, Marlin. So he’s the character best suited for a character analysis. So number one: Choose a character […]

How To Properly Write Dialogue In A Story

We all love that punchy dialogue delivered so slickly from the pages of Grisham or Ludlum. It seems so effortless, but is it? How to properly write dialogue in a story is absolutely essential to a successful author, and can make all the difference between success and failure. Of course, we should talk about the mechanics of writing dialogue. How it looks and how it’s punctuated. After that, the two videos below get into the creative aspects, how to make dialogue realistic, etc. First of all, there are at least three different standards, depending upon where you live in the […]

What Is The Character Arc In A Novel?

Like the Story Arc, the Character Arc is an evolution, with a stated beginning and an end that coincides with the story ending to provide a satisfactory conclusion for the reader. In all my research about writing, I don’t have a satisfying reason why this character change process should be called an ‘Arc’. When considering the Story Arc, the Rising Action phase is often represented as an uphill slope, or rounded arc. I can see this, but it’s not clear why the Character Arc should be depicted in this way. The simplest way to define it is by saying it […]