About Derek Bruce

Derek Bruce AuthorLike many people, I always felt that I could write a novel, if I had the time. Over the years, ideas came to me – surely I could turn one of them into a stunning best seller? Of course, pressing day to day issues like family, and earning a living seemed to get in the way of such nonsensical ideas, but gthe thoughts still linger.

Many years ago I quite my job and decided to write a sequel to three John Steinbeck novels. I was newly married and my wife was little bemused at the loss of a very good income, as was my Bank Manager I might add. Suffice to say, it seemed a good idea at the time and fitted in totally with my idea of living life outside the box.

I bought myself a really old mechanical typewriter to get into the Hemingway spirit of things, cleared a small room in the house and declared that I didn’t want to be disturbed until lunch time each day. The first morning, at nine a.m., I fed a clean sheet of A4 paper into the machine. At 11 a.m. I was still looking at it. I had ‘hit the wall’ right out of the gate. The dreaded blank sheet of paper became a torment.

It gradually dawned on me the stream of consciousness way of writing didn’t (and doesn’t) work for me. I need a plan, a kind of a road map to see where I’m headed, and this is what this site is all about.

My first novel in the sci-fi genre: Alex Q

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